Criminal Justice Paper 1-2 pages

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The branches of criminal
justice may appear to function autonomously, but there is a lot of interaction
and collaboration between them. In this part of the career investigation, you
will need to think about some scenarios where communication and collaboration
would be required for these branches to function effectively and which branch
appears to be more in line with how you approach communication and

How does the ability to
conduct legal searches differ between the police officer, probation officer,
and prison guard in the performance of their duties? Give an example of
interagency collaboration when conducting a legal search.

A police officer was
conducting an investigation involving an incarcerated prisoner. The police
officer would like to know who the prisoner spoke to on the phone and who
visited him. Describe who the police officer would need to collaborate with to
obtain that information, explaining why.

Lou, a suspect the officer
was investigating in a burglary case was just convicted for that crime. Prior
to his sentence, a pre-sentence report must be conducted. Who is most likely to
conduct the investigation: the police officer, probation officer, or the prison
guard? Who will he or she collaborate with to complete the report? Support your
response by explaining how this process impacts interagency collaboration.

Select one court case where
communication and collaboration was a driving factor, and discuss the impact of
that case in reshaping the role of the corrections practitioner.

Based on your findings
regarding the differences in how each branch communicates with each other,
which career path is most in line with your communication and collaboration
practices and why?

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