Create very easy PowerPoint based on my Success Plan, writing homework help

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  • Assignment 3: Designing a Presentation
    Due Week 8 and worth 150 points

    1. Create a PowerPoint presentation of your FOS100 Student Success Plan. In the PowerPoint presentation, you must:

    1. Develop eight (8) to ten (10) slides.
    2. Identify each section of content.
    3. Explain each section of content.
    4. Include appropriate graphics, shapes, or design elements.
    5. Include at least one (1) relevant video.
    6. Include at least one (1) diagram or chart containing relevant content (e.g., study schedule).
    7. Record your own audio narration throughout the presentation.

    2. Submit your assignment as a Microsoft PowerPoint file through the submission link at the top of the page.

MY SUCCESS PLAN: ATTACHED Below…simply use the information I filled out thus far to make a very professional powerpoint slideshow…GET CREATIVE AND USE DESIGNS.

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