Create participant handbook for tabletop exercise, homework help

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it is about creating a tabletop exercise* discussion based* ( may part is creating participant handbook ). exercise design go through many process, a lot of them have been done which i will provide you the information and templet.

here is the Scenario – Your community in Liberty County has prepared for months to respond to a flu outbreak. The virus is novel – meaning that there are no previous encounters with it. Pharmaceutical companies have developed a vaccine, but supply is very limited and will not be enough for every person. It is now December and all local, regional and state hospitals have reported cases. All report increases in patient volume ranging from 10-22%. The outbreak will likely last three months. Take into consideration appropriate core capabilities and emergency support functions. Begin with a seminar among key healthcare and public health officials. Your seminar could segue into your TTX by assembling an EOC in anticipation of the outbreak. Build up to a tabletop exercise. Think in terms of an EOC. Remember, too, that your hospital is part of a larger system. Include those other facilities in your exercise. Additionally, those doing the municipal approach should include all agencies that may need to play a role. will you be willing to help me out ?

please look at the attachment for liberty county document, IS 139 ( unit 4 & 5 ), Situation manual

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