create dashboards using tableau

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Essential Components

  • Utilize each dataset available (Group 1, Group 2, Group 3, Group 4, and Group 5) and answer the following (this is identical to your application assignment, so you will already have the results for one dataset):
    • Find the pattern between users, projects, downloads, lovers, viewers, sprites and scripts.
    • How best can you tell the story about those interactions?
    • Is there any relationship/pattern/association between number of sprites and/or scripts with the projects being loved or downloaded?
      • If not, can you find any other predictor?
    • What can you tell about users, projects and downloads?
    • Any specific behavior for the most viewed projects?
    • What do they have that the ones less viewed do not?
    • Make use of all statistic measures you need to prove/illustrate your point and choose the best dashboards to tell the story you see on the data.
  • THEN–Compare the results from the 5 datasets
    • Create visualizations that best represent the similarities and differences between the 5 sets
      • Questions you asked about the data
      • Data Sources used
      • Variables used on analysis
      • Method used to analyze the data
      • Findings (dashboards and summaries)

Tip: compare all the combinations between the measures mentioned above on the search for patterns by finding and plotting the correlation scatter plot between them for each one of the sets.

All the research questions above are only guidelines, you can propose your own, as long as you make a rational between your research question and the similarities and differences you find between the measures above among the five sets.

Part 1: Analyze the data, run statistical test and plot the dashboards you see fit using Tableau or R Shiny.

Part 2: Write a paper that presents a full understanding of the data analyzed. Include:


Follow the APA style format for your paper. The written part of your paper should be no more than 5 pages; the dashboards might take another 2-5 pages. The limit is 10 pages for the whole paper.

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