COVID-19 Video Response

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Step 1: Summarize and Explain the Context.

•With these two videos as your text, you will provide a concise summary (100-200 word per each for Tuesday’s DB Post).

•You will identify the context that shapes the conversation on Coronavirus. Obviously, this example is a political context which specifically targets the alleged misinformation campaign of Fox News in the early days of the pandemic. Think of this like the rhetorical situation. Some key elements of this conversation are the clips from Fox News before and after they started getting lawsuits, interviews with experts who established the seriousness of the virus, speculation of the intentions of Fox News (Promoting Trump’s reelection), etc. The rhetorical strategies that the authors employ to prove their point might look familiar to you. Beyond which, these authors are playing on ethos, pathos, and logos to prove their point. Write about what you see as important.

Step 2: Join the Conversation

After you summarize and described the context of the texts (in this case videos), you will think of their style/genre as a lens to craft your own argument. Think of it as joining the conversation that these two pundits are having. Make your own argument on the topic they address. You could, and I encourage you, to create a text in a similar format. This would only need to be within the same length as the texts you chose (For the DB post 4/14 it only needs to be a 500 words or more response). You will write a traditional response but be sure to include as many of the qualities of the context and genre as possible.

Brian Tyler Cohen

David Pakman

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