Course Project – Part 3 Final Scenario Project Submission

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Complete Part 3 of the Critical Thinking Scenario Project.

  • Remember to proofread your submission in order to eliminate spelling and grammar errors.

Save your assignment as a Microsoft Word document.

Part Three: the presentation

Now it’s time to pull together the preparation you’ve done for your event in Washington D. C. In this section of the assignment you will a speaker’s outline for your presentation and a sample of your presentation itself.

  • Your speaker’s notes should be completed in a Word document. These will be your notes as you present so make sure they are complete and include the following:
    • An introduction
    • An overview of what you’ll be presenting and why. (Why should these high school students care what you have to say?)
    • Your findings on television commercials
    • Your findings on the impact of media on society
    • A conclusion that summarizes and reinforces the reasons that it’s important to use critical thinking when consuming media
  • Create a PowerPoint presentation from your notes. Using screen capture software, record your presentation and submit a link to the recording along with your speaker’s notes.
    • There are many free versions of screen capture software. Ask your instructor for recommendations if you don’t have a favorite.

You do not have to use any screen capture software or do a recording in powerpoint.
So you don’t actually have to present it. I am just looking for a Word
document with notes you would use if you were presenting it and a powerpoint that you would use if you were presenting it. So, two submissions, one notes and the other powerpoint. The business scenario is really complex compared to the others so I don’t require the actual presentation to be presented.

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