Couple paragraphs for discussion board

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Zero Tolerance – Below will be the reading attachment in word docs

For this Discussion Board, download and read the “Zero_Tolerance.pdf”. The article explains that “[z]ero tolerance school-discipline policies became popular in the 1980s, fueled by both President George H.W. Bush’s war on drugs and the broken windows philosophy, which holds that cracking down on lesser crimes prevents bigger ones.”

The article goes on to say that “[w]hile student discipline problems have plagued schools for years, many lawyers say zero tolerance-like policies at schools have outlived their usefulness and may in fact be doing more harm than good. There is no evidence, for instance, that zero tolerance policies—which mandate automatic punishment, such as suspension or expulsion, for infractions of a stated rule—have done anything to decrease school violence. Evidence is mounting, however, that extreme disciplinary reactions are resulting in higher rates of repeat offenses and dropout rates.”

Perform some additional research on the topic of zero tolerance school-discipline policies and their influence on the juvenile criminal justice system. Engage in a discussion about zero tolerance school-discipline policies. Do you think these policies are necessary and effective, or do you agree that these policies are creating more harm than good? Would removing or revising zero tolerance school-discipline policies cause more or less of a burden on the criminal justice system? What are some alternatives to zero tolerance school-discipline policies that may help unburden the criminal justice system? Be sure to cite your sources

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