Could you please write Acknowledgment?

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Hello there!

Could you please write Acknowledgment? Here’s my story that could help you to write the acknowledgment.

I got a job after I finished my high school when I was 18 years old. It was 2007 and my mom was asking me to continue my undergrad but I told her that I don’t need it because I have a great job. She was begging me for three years, and then I did it for her in another city in my country while I worked. In 2012 I’ve graduated and then she asked me to continue my master degree in the US, but I did not do it. In Marsh 2013 before she passed away, she asked me to promise her that I will continue my master and my PhD in the US. I promised her that day. The next day she passed away unfortunately. It was sad but I had to do it for her. So, I’m graduating this week and I wish she was her that she knows that I did half of my way. I need to thank her for that idea and I need to thank my dad for everything that he has done for me because without him I couldn’t do it. I also want to thank my professor for what she has done for me. I really appreciate everything you did, you’re not just a professor or a human, you’re angel.

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