correcting my work in excel and the writing section which is summary and analyizing

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I did most of the work, it just needs correction and the writing sections

the sheet which we work in is proforma income statement, and this is the instrction :

“Complete the capital budgeting part of the project after completion of Phase 1 Financial Statement Analysis. This part constitutes a smaller piece of the case project. This assignment will focus on capital budgeting plans and disclosures found in public company filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission in foursections as follows (Use the subheadings after an introductory paragraph):

  • Pro-forma Financial Statements. Using the Return on Assets (ROA), Return on Equity (ROE) and computed Plowback Ratio (Retained Earnings ratio) from the last couple of years, calculate the Internal Growth Rate as a floor and the Sustainable Growth Rate as the maximum growth rate. Justify in the report the growth rate you select. Using this growth rate, prepare Pro-forma Financial Statements for the next three to four years in proper format.
  • Capital Budgeting Disclosures. For your company, review the latest 10K filing and find any disclosure of the company’s capital budgeting activities. Write a paragraph or two for this section. Discuss the activities and the context in which they were disclosed; i.e., management discussion, footnotes to financial statements, etc. (If you haven’t mastered, yet, formatting MS Excel to look, display and print like a MS Word document, you may do the memo in Word and copy it into the proper sheet within your master workbook).
  • Research, Find, and Reviewat least two current financial analysts reports; e.g., Investopedia, Yahoo Finance, Google Finance, or other Financial Analyst’s analysis which discusses the capital budgeting plans of the company; write a summary of what you found and reference the sources.
  • Investing Activities. Review the financial statements, particularly the statement of cash flows in the 10-K and the accompanying notes and write a brief analysis of the significant investments you found there for the period covered by the 10-K.
  • Summary. Write a summary of what you learned from this exercise. Save workbook with the capital budgeting worksheet and submit the workbook in Bb through the submission link as indicated.”

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