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Project is to have a performance reward system to be installed for a company of
400 people in 3 different locations. The system it to encourage quality and
production of work. The system is web based and to be linking in the main
company data base. The overall budget is 250,000.00. Project completion is 9
months to be fully operational.

This is a
fictional scenario. Additional information can be added but not taken away.

Part 1

Please see
additional attachments.

  • Performing
    quality assurance:
    Discuss the tools and techniques, such as quality
    audits, quality management tools, and process analyses, you will use to
    perform quality assurance for your project.
  • Managing
    the project team:
    Determine how you will manage the project team,
    including handling conflict and providing motivation.
  • Conducting
    Discuss any of the items you need to purchase
    for your project and the types of vendors, contractors, and suppliers you
    will encounter.
  • Controlling
    the methods, such as earned value management, forecasting, to-complete
    performance indices, project management software, and reserve analyses,
    you will use to ensure costs are controlled within the project.
  • Controlling
    Discuss the methods you will use to control the
    risks in the project. These methods can include risk reassessment, risk
    audits, variance analysis, reserve analysis, meetings, and technical
    performance measurement.
  • Managing
    stakeholder engagement:
    Using the list of stakeholders defined in Unit 1,
    discuss how you will manage the engagement level of the stakeholders.
  • Contents
    added to section 3 and 4

APA Format with references 1000 words

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