concepts, conceptualization, operationalization, and variables. For this assignment, you will be identifying a concept, defining the concept, operationalizing the concept, and developing different typ

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concepts, conceptualization, operationalization, and variables. For this assignment, you will be identifying a concept, defining the concept, operationalizing the concept, and developing different types of measures (e.g., nominal, ordinal, interval, ratio) related to the concept.

Prompt 1. In one paragraph: (1) Identify and describe a criminal justice-related research concept that interests or engages you. (2) Define your concept (conceptual definition). (3) Operationalize your concept. Review Chapter 5 notes on concepts, conceptualization, and operationalization (worth 10 points).

Prompt 2. Develop six survey questions using all four levels of measurement using your identified concept above or a new concept. Include each level of measurement once (you should use two levels of measurement twice). Make sure you include the question responses (if applicable; worth 10 points).

Grammar/Mechanics/Formatting/APA/References: See below (worth 5 points).

Guidelines/Grammar/Formatting/APA/References: Use Times New Roman font, font size 12, and double-spaced paragraphs, and include APA citations/references (if applicable). Make sure you proofread what you have written prior to submission.

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