Complete Assignment for Diversity Awareness Course

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My Research Topic: Religion in the US

Begin Your Research

This exercise will give you a head start on your research project for this class. When you complete the exercise, I will give you feedback.

Please post your answers as a reply to this post. Thank you!

Step 1

Tell me your research topic, a topic related to what you are learning in this class.

Step 2

Tell me a search you can do in a library database to find an academic/scholarly article on your topic. Here are a few examples:

  • diversity AND (hiring OR workplace)
  • (lgbt OR gay OR queer) AND (film OR television)
  • (elderly OR “older adults”) AND (housing OR “living arrangements”) AND (“well being” OR “mental health”)

Step 3

Try your search in one or more of these library databases (or another database that is helpful):

Step 4

Select an academic/scholarly article from your search that will help you in your research paper. You may have to try a few different searches to find a good article.

Write an APA citation for the article you’ve found. Here are APA examples to follow.

Step 5

In a one or two paragraphs, please tell me why the article you’ve chosen is helpful for your research. Please be specific–what ideas or facts did you learn from the article, and how can you use them in your paper?

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