Complete Assignment for American Government Course

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TOPIC: Why auto title loans should be again the law

Persuasive Speech Outline

Your midterm exam is meant to help you prepare for your persuasive speech, which is your final project. For your midterm exam you need to submit an outline and a list with your four sources for your persuasive speech in week 8.

This week we’ll put together your outline for that speech. You’ll also need to include four sources you’d like to use. You do not have to use those sources in your final speech, but you will have a head start on your research.

For the outline use the template below. The chapter readings in our textbook this week will help in completing the outline template appropriately as well.

For the outline, briefly give ideas as to what you’d present for each part. For instance, if you were to use the topic about cutting back on sugar you can start with an attention getter about the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Then, for the main point you can talk about health and provide supporting details about health. The second main point could be about weight or finding energy from other foods, etc. Remember each point can be brief. Just give an idea of what you think you’d mention. You don’t have to give any research or material like that, just ideas for each point.

Then after your outline copy and paste four sources you may end up using. Paste them like you would in a reference page and I’ll be able to look at the sources for review. Then give a brief description of what those sources cover to help show that you reviewed them and that they will work for your speech.

Speech Outline Template – Microsoft Word ATTACHED

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