Complete 2 questions of the case

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About Information Systems and Operations Management, the followings are the questions, and the attachment is the case, bid only if you’re able to finish them, thanks~

(Q4) [2 pts] Consider a plant producing two products (A and B). Suppose the demand of B is twice the demand of A. A job sequence via a large lot approach in a traditional mass production can be:

In Toyota’s JIT (just-in-time) production (or lean operations), the two products can be produced in an alternating sequence of small lots as follows:

A, BB, A, BB, A, BB, ……
This small lot approach (also called “Heijunka” or level loading) can buffer demand and process variability with small capacity.

As indicated in the case, washed-bloods are costly and time-taking. How would patients be scheduled to smooth out demands for washed bloods? Show the sequence of regular (R) and washed (W) bloods. (Hint: Find the ratio of regular-blood patients and washed-blood patients. Use the smallest numbers. For example, reduce 10:5 to 2:1.) Discuss how your sequence would help reduce waiting time without increasing capacity.

(Q5) [2 pts] Consider the following 7 dimensions of service quality (A. Valerie et al. 1990.Delivering Quality Service: Balancing Customer Perceptions and Expectations):

  • Convenience: Availability and accessibility (e.g., location)
  • Reliability: Ability to perform a service accurately, dependably and consistently
  • Responsiveness: Willingness to answer questions and deal with problems (related torobustness)
  • Time: Speed with which service is delivered
  • Assurance: Knowledge exhibited by personnel
  • Courtesy: How customers are treated by employees
  • Tangibles: Physical appearance of facilities, equipment, personnel and communicationmaterialsExplain why the patients’ perception of the service is low compared to their experience at the Children’s Hospital. Is waiting time the most important quality dimension for the clinic? Which

dimension of quality should be emphasized the most? How could the stress of waiting be reduced by educating patients about the process?

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