Compare and contrast the different features of each groups of native Americans, history help

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Summary: Regarding the origins and development of the native civilizations of the
Western Hemisphere before the European age of discovery and exploration
that led to their destruction and conquest by Europeans:  As
we study the indigenous peoples of the Western Hemisphere, we will see
that we can place the many different tribes and societies into two
general groups.  One group, consisting of the majority of
individual tribes, remained hunter-gatherers or subsistence level
societies, such as the majority of the tribes of North America, the
tribes of the Amazon Basin, and those of the southern portion of South
America,  The other major group consisted of more
stationary societies, such as the “mound builders” of the US Midwest,
the Pueblo (“town”) peoples of the US Southwest, the successive
civilizations of Mesoamerica, and the Incas of northwest South America
who developed “true” civilizations to some degree of complexity,
especially the successive civilizations of Mesoamerica and ancient Peru
(the Incas).

Discussion QUESTION (approx. 200 words): Compare and
contrast the different features of each groups of native American
peoples and determine why you believe the tribes of North
America in general remained hunter-gatherers while the natives of
Mesoamerica developed “great” civilizations, similar to those of the
river valley civilizations of the Eastern Hemisphere.

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