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School bullying compared and contrasted from the behavioral and social learning perspectives.

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School bullying compared and contrasted from the behavioral and social learning perspectives.



When a bigger, stronger bully physically harasses and intimidates a more minor, weaker victim, taking the victim’s lunch money is typical. Additionally, if the victim gets bullied for an extended period, the victim may have developed a conditioned reaction.

Thesis Statement

While behaviorists acknowledge the importance of genes in shaping behavior, they emphasize environmental variables. According to the widely accepted Social Learning Theory, bullying develops due to social conditioning. This paper will evaluate School bullying compared and contrasted from the behavioral and social learning perspectives.

The Body


According to behaviorists Punishing the bully and ensuring that such conduct does not occur again would seem like the logical answer to the vice. However, it would be good if the remedy were as easy as that. Positive reinforcement (e.g., money to purchase extra food at lunch or recognition from peers) may exceed the penalty for the bully who engages in the conduct (Williams, 2017).

Advocates of Social Learning believe that children learn to be aggressive through imitating violent role models, a theory backed up by a large amount of scientific evidence (Williams, 2017). It implies that parents who use physical punishment or verbal abuse to “manage” their children unintentionally teach them how to bully others (O’Hara et al., 2017). Secondary influences include elder siblings, media violence, friends, and school professors.


According to the findings of this research, children with a history of domestic verbal violence got shown to have better rates of delinquency and interpersonal aggressiveness. It got discovered that a lot of evidence supports the idea that bullying gets spawned by it, and few topics in psychology are as universally agreed upon as this one. Researchers showed that this association remains true even for verbal aggression.


O’Hara, K. L., Duchschere, J. E., Beck, C. J., & Lawrence, E. (2017). Adolescent-to-parent violence: Translating research into effective practice. Adolescent Research Review, 2(3), 181-198.4

Williams, B. W. (2017). Preschoolers’ Aggressive Behavior toward Others Is It Child-play? Is It Bullying?

Compare and Contrast Paper

Topic: School bullying compared and contrasted from the behavioral and social learning perspectives.


Each student will choose a social issue or research topic in psychology. Students will select two perspectives (
behavioral and social learning perspectives
) covered in the course and compare and contrast how these perspectives explain the social issue or research topic. The paper will include
a title page, abstract, the introduction to the social issue or research topic, a brief discussion of each historical perspective, the compare and contrast of the two perspectives, a conclusion, and references.
Students will submit their topics and outline for the paper in module 3 (10% of final grade). The final paper will account for 25% of the final grade.

1. Title Page

2. Abstract

3. Introduction to social issues or research topic- School bullying

4. Brief discussion of each historical perspectiveBehavioral and Social Learning

5. Compare and contrast of two perspectives- Compare school bullying from a behavioral and social perspective. Contrast school bullying from a social learning perspective

6. Conclusion

7. References

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