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Assignment 1:
I have a class called Comp and
Modern English. I need to finish a essay. This assignment is very important to me. You need to have good writing
skills and a essay without grammatical mistakes. When you accept this
assignment, I will send you all the details and references. Minimum Length: 800 words
Note: You can not copy any sentence from anywhere, you have
to complete it independently, and I will check if it has plagiarism.
Please make sure you have a good writing skill.
Assignment 2: about Discussion

A Doll’s House Discussion

Can readers or viewers identify with any of the elements of the play today considering the play is over one hundred years old?

What subjects are still relevant today?

Does anyone change in the play? If so, who? When can you tell?

Reading or seeing the play today, is there any way we can see why it was originally banned in England?

Why do you think it might have been banned?

Is the title important? If so, how?

Do you think the play can still shock audiences today?

Can you think of a movie with a similar theme that might move audiences the way this play did when it first appeared?

Do not just answer but discuss one or more of the above questions,
and do not forget that another part of this graded assignment is for you
to read other student posts and reply to at least one of them. Please use two different documents to complete it.

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