Community service volunteer reflection on yemsrach evangelical church

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Description – Below are the topics for your reflection.  Please follow the directions carefully

I.  Assessment of the Community Setting (neighborhood):

Description and characteristics of the geographical community

(Examples of data sources: City of Chicago, Census Data,,,, neighborhood website, etc.)


●      Demographics – Ex: Population, age, gender, ethnicity, race, etc.

●      Socioeconomic status – Ex: Education, employment, annual household income, etc.

●      Government and Politics – Ex: City, local, etc.

●      Crime and Violence

●      Organizations, Civic Groups & Employers present (major ones)

●      Community Assets to support health –

●      Community assets that promote health

●      Community Needs that create barriers to health

(Identify any gaps between the assets and needs including social and cultural barriers)

●      How do you view your role at the site? What do you see as your main

contribution to the site?

●      How does your community site affect the health of the community and

ultimately the health of the population of the US?

●      What are the benefits of being a part of your community site?


II.  Community Health Challenge Diagnosis and Plan

Based on the mission of the community partner site and at least one of their ongoing programs, describe what health challenge they are attempting to address?


Choose at least 2 topics below


●     What Healthy People 2030 Topic and Objective does the community partner address through their mission? Identify at least one.

●     Briefly describe at least one program or intervention that the community partner implements to address the bullet points above.

o      How does this intervention promote the health of the community and address the above identified health pattern? 

o      How does it attempt to reach the HP2020 objective?

●     Which elements of the Health Belief Model does the community partner attempt to address? Justify your answer.

III.  Graduate Level Writing:

●      APA format and style, including 
introduction and conclusion
, spelling, grammar, punctuation

●      Minimum of 5 pages, not including title or reference page

●      Minimum of 3 scholarly articles (journal articles, no .com websites)

●      Integration of course content

●      Evidence-based references cited (these should be data-based and/or peer reviewed)

●      Professional, creative, and engaging writing


5 pages paper

APA Format

Minimum of 3 Scholarly articles (journal article, no .com websites)


Name of the church :Yemsrach Evangelical Church (Ethiopian community). located in 5850 North Elston Avenue, Chicago, IL 60646

My Role as a volunteer are: 

Kids coordinator

set up crew

sharing of pizza and coffee during the grand opening

clean up crew

parking crew

Elaborate of these job description

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