commenting on two classmates discussions about Gender/sex

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My scenario is sex/Gender

Peer Response Guidelines: Respond to the initial posts of at least two of your peers, one assigned to Scenario A and one assigned to Scenario B. In your responses, assess how well your peers applied the principles of cultural relativism. Point out at least one specific example of how each peer did or did not apply the principles of cultural relativism.

A) Scenario A Marriage

Two friends, Taylor and Alex, are enjoying dessert after a show at the local arts theater. Taylor draws your attention to a very cozy couple at a table in the corner. “I wonder what show they watched,” Taylor says with a smirk. You gasp and report that you know the woman (she is your neighbor), but the man is not her husband. “Maybe they’re in an open relationship,” Taylor remarks nonchalantly.

B) Scenario B sex /gender

You and a friend, Elliott, are enjoying your conversation at a local coffee shop when you both take a bathroom break. You arrive at the two bathroom doors and see each door labeled with the sign below.

1) Classmate #1 Jenna topic is marriage

It may not be what you think it is. I don’t know how well you know your neighbor, but it’s not fair to make assumptions about who she’s out with. She might be in an open relationship with her husband, and it’s perfectly acceptable to them for her to be out with someone else. Cultures all over the world see marriage in different ways based on their beliefs and what thier society gains from certain couplings. For instance, since your neighbor is out with another man, maybe she and her husband practice polyandry, which is when multiple males are married to one female (MindEdge Inc, 2018). It’s the opposite of polygyny, which is when one male marries multiple females, like in many families who are part of the Mormon faith (MindEdge Inc, 2018). I know you seemed shocked from seeing her with someone else, but listen, whatever is going on over there, might be totally normal for her, and you shouldn’t jump to conclusions about her based on your own ideas and cultural values. Now mind your business and eat your ice cream!

B)You and a friend, Elliott, are enjoying your conversation at a local coffee shop when you both take a bathroom break. You arrive at the two bathroom doors and see each door labeled with the sign below.

2.) Classmate #2 Karen topic is sex/gender

“Sex is defined as one’s biological identity, while they see Gender as the social component that reflects not only one’s biology, but the cultural and social values and roles each group assigns to those identities” (Mindedge,2018).
The two ways that gender can be identified is through culture values and biology would be how one dresses or presents themselves to the public eye i.e. cross dressers break these traditional roles, where others dress according to their genders this is based on comfort and acceptance of their genders. Another way genders can be identified is by their facial hair or how long their hair is, this can be based off of the religious cultures, For the Amish the men must grow beards, where in Asian cultures the longer the hair the more beautiful woman were seen to be.
“Cultural relativism is the idea that no one culture is “right” or better than another.” (Mindedge, 2018)
We see people express these principles within their cultures would be, wearing religious dress or adornments. A person could express his or her gender identity is through their belief such as religion and this would vary by economic class. Putting value on/in the dress one wares also has its own set of ideals and levels of values with in a social or cultural

I have provided my own discussion

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