Classmate Responses

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My classmates introduced themselves and I need to leave a comment to their post in 150-200 words (two comments in total). It is not supposed to be formal, just trying to get acquainted as a fellow classmate, so please include these in the short comment:

a)Use three adjectives to describe the impression of your colleague including why you chose those adjectives.

b)What do you share in common with each other?

c)What would you like to know more about the person you are responding to?

First student:

Hi all! My name is­­­_________, I am currently a junior here at Wayne State. I transferred from Cleary University which is located in Howell. I decided to transfer to WSU to feel more apart of a college rather than a high school (Cleary is an extremely small business school). A somewhat interesting fact about myself is that I am a twin and no we are not identical. We are actually quite opposite from each other from our looks, our interests/hobbies, and our friend groups. I have two dogs at home whom I love very much and do not know what I would do without them or dogs in general. Laslty, I currently have two jobs: one of my jobs is a Human Resources Intern at a research company in Ann Arbor and the other is a receptionist at a hair salon in South Lyon.

In my spare time, you can usually find me weightlifting or on the Lacrosse field coaching. My family has been a huge lacrosse family ever since my sister and I started playing. I played Lacrosse in middle school, high school, and a little bit in college and have been coaching four little league teams (grades K-8) in South Lyon for two years now. In my Lacrosse career I mostly played defense up until college where I was then transitioned over to offense. More recently, I just discovered a love for Olympic weightlifting this past April. I probably will never compete, but if I did it would most definitely be amateur competitions, nothing big at all. I love the satisfaction of obtaining a new personal record for a certain lift thats been difficult or perfecting a skill that is hard to perfect. Plus, weightlifting is a big stress reliever for me when school and work becomes overwhelming. Also, I love to go to sporting events like Tigers’ games, Michigan football games (GO BLUE!), and hockey games. (I don’t really have anything in common with this person but I’ve always wanted to work for HR like them and I find lacrosse facinating )

Second student:

Hello everyone! My name is ­­­­­______. I am currently a Business Administration student concentrating in management. I plan to graduate this coming spring/ summer with a bachelors degree this year.Once I have completed my bachelor’s degree I plan to go right into the Master’s program at Wayne State University. I just recently got married on July 29,2017, and I currently do not have any children but I plan to have some in the future. I love going swimming, to the movies, and traveling around the world. A little about my professional background, I have been in the Law enforcement profession for some time now were at this point in my life I am ready to change directions to possibly owning my own business one day. (Don’t have anything in common but I would like to congratulate this student on their marriage)

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