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This is a class question that needs to be answer with at least 150 words. I would like it explain in your own words, but if not please cite-in-text with reference. No Plagiarism

Top-level managers see change as an opportunity to strengthen the business by aligning operations with strategy, to take on new professional challenges and risks, and to advance their careers. For many employees, however, including middle managers, change is neither sought after nor welcomed. It is disruptive and intrusive. Senior management must maintain an open door and open ear policy, and most importantly, to remain transparent to employees. Provide the “why” compounded with a clear vision of the desired future. For private companies, terminate destructive employees hindering the planned changes. For government companies, place resisters on PIP (performance improvement plan). Historically, being placed on PIP, will either shape up employees or flush them out.

Question—I agree that this is not new news. However, I think the PIP tactics are a little out dated and may not be effective in helping with change. It might help a company get rid of someone eventually but what about the current change project? How long will you allow them to be on PIP?

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