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“An Elephant Crackup?” Charles Siebert, NHR 351-67.
 “The Power of Context: Bernie Goetz and the Rise and Fall of New York City Crime”, Malcolm Gladwell, NHR 148-164.
“Homo Religiosus,” Karen Armstrong, NHR 1-23.

The authors of our first three readings have challenged us to consider just how conscious we really are of the world we inhabit. Charles Siebert, following Gay Bradshaw’s call for the development of a “trans-species psyche,” argued that in order to diminish the severity of the Human-Elephant Conflict, human beings need to make “a commitment to move beyond an anthropocentric frame of reference” (Siebert 362). Malcolm Gladwell asserted that the seemingly mundane features of our surroundings can have profound subliminal effects on our conscious lives. And in “Homo Religiosus,” Karen Armstrong uses the wordekstasis (“standing outside oneself”) to describe the state of consciousness toward which early religion was aimed. She adds that modern humans “who no longer find [ekstasis] in a religious setting resort to other outlets: music, dance, art, sex, drugs, or sport” (Armstrong 7).
In a well-reasoned essay, in which you deploy evidence from all three authors, please respond to the following question:

What is the relationship between a person’s mode of consciousness and her behavior?

» Why do people alter their modes of consciousness?
» How can your awareness of a broken window affect the choices that you make?
» Does the evidence that Armstrong provides suggest that our ancestors had achieved the
kind of “identification” with nature that Siebert recommends?
» How would a criminal’s consciousness of their crime and its consequences affect your
judgment of their behavior?

Late rough drafts will result in a half-letter deduction from your final grade for Paper #3. 
Late final drafts will result in a full letter grade deduction for the paper. 
Required: FIVE FULL PAGES, be stapled; b) be double-spaced; c) have one inc

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