Choose a well-known and effective female leader

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Please answer the following questions. Be sure to support your answers with citations and references to existing scholarly publications.

Choose a well-known and effective female leader from contemporary times (the past ten years), examples are Hillary Clinton, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, Michelle Rhee, etc.

Lets do Michelle Obama please- ****

  • Identify which leadership style she employed that led to her acclaim as a leader.
  • Identify 1 key human based success and how she achieved it.
  • Identify 1 key human based challenge and how she overcame it. Explain the manner in which women as leaders are perceived differently than men as leaders within organizations, and explain how and why the female leader you selected was able to influence human behavior in the workplace in order to maximize the output of her human capital.

Use a minimum of 3 peer reviewed academic resources, including the Northouse text, to support your argument.

Text: Northouse, P. (2012). Leadership: Theory and practice. 6th Edition. Los Angeles: Sage Publications.

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