Choose a movie which focuses on intercultural issues, homework help

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  1. Choose a movie which focuses on intercultural issues. This can be any intercultural topic either within a US or international context (e.g., topics related to gender, race, disabilities, sexual orientation, language, international travel). If you are not sure whether your choice of movie fulfills the criteria, come and talk to me.
  2. After watching the movie, provide a short (not longer than 1 page) summary of the movie. Basically, tell me what it was all about. (This summary is part of your paper, not a separate paper.)
  3. Then, choose three intercultural or communication themes in the movie that are of interest to you. For example, if the movie makes use of stereotypes, this could be a theme. Or, if a character in the movie cannot speak English, this could be a language theme. After identifying three themes, describe these three themes by using examples from the movie. For example, for the stereotype theme, choose scenes that illustrate the stereotype(s) and explain/describe them to me.
  4. After this part of the paper, relate the storyline/topic of the movie to everyday life. Looking at each of the three themes that you chose to write about, how do they influence our communication with other people on a daily basis? For example, if you picked the language theme mentioned above, what are the challenges communicating with someone who cannot speak our language and vice versa?
  5. End your paper with a general conclusion on whether you think that the movie you analyzed or movies in general influence our perceptions and understanding of other cultures. Were you influenced by what you saw in the movie?

Requirements/Grading Criteria:

  1. 5-8 pages in length (including reference page, excluding cover page)
  2. A minimum of 3 sources used in the paper (including the movie; don’t forget to attach a reference page)
  3. Reference to terminology from the textbook (see Chapters 2 and 3 especially)
  4. Clear Organization of the paper (i.e., introduction, body, conclusion; all 5 steps described above are addressed)
  5. 12 point font in Times New Roman
  6. Double-spaced with 1 inch margins (i.e., no additional space in between paragraphs)
  7. APA citations & format (you do not have to write an abstract)

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