Choose 4 labs and do research on it

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Labs that have been covered or will be covered:

1. Introduction: The Laboratory: Lab Organization, Responsibilities, Lab Safety, Lab WriteUps, The Scientific Method

2. Making Measurements: The International Metric System, Prefixes and Orders of Magnitude, Units: Fundamental and Derived, Accuracy and Precision

3. Acids and Bases: The pH Scale: Salts, Cations and Anions, Acids (H+ ) and Bases (OH— ), Neutralization Reactions, Titrations, The pH

4. Organic Molecules: Organic Functional Groups, Carbohydrates, Proteins, Lipids, Nucleic Acids, Acid/Base Indicators, Analysis of Food Components

5. The Microscope: Microscope Parts and Function, Magnification, Lighting, Making Microscopic Measurements, Identifying Organisms, Describing Specimen

6. Cells and Organelles: Prokaryotes, Eukaryotes, Cell Walls, Cell Membrane, Nucleus, Chromosome, Mitochondria, Chloroplasts, Ribosomes

7. Diffusion and Osmosis: Diffusion, Chemical Potential, Semi-Permeable Membranes, Facilitated Diffusion, Osmosis, Tonicity, Hyper- and Hypotonic Conditions.

8. Enzymes: Activation Energy, Protein Folding and pH, Temperature, Salt Concentration; Substrate Concentration and Saturation; Reaction Rates

9. Respiration: Glycolysis, Krebs Citric Acid Cycle, Oxidative Phosphorylation

10.Photosynthesis: Photosystems, Light Quality and Pigments

11. Cell Division, Mitosis: The Cell Cycle, Chromosomes and Cell Division, Chromosome Segregation and Independent Assortment, Binary Fission in Bacteria

12. Cell Division, Meiosis: Meiosis, Reductive and Equatorial Division, Random segregation of Chromosomes in Tetrads, Independent Assortment, Haploid Cells

13. Principles of Inheritance: Allele Frequency in a Population, Identifying Characteristics, Punnett Squares, Genetic Linkage, Mendel’s Laws

14. DNA Isolation: Chemical Nature of DNA, Colloid Stability, Spooling Nucleic Acids, Preserving DNA. Review for Final

These topics form a foundation in science and research.They also are a window into understanding the world around you and how it works.Your assignment is to find four (4) articles based in a current research topic.They should have been published in the last year; believe me there are plenty of them out there.The article should be based in one (or more) of the topics above.Read the article (that tends to make the process a lot easier).

To complete the assignment, you will turn in:

  • A paragraph summary of the article (3 pts):This should be a short summary of the article, are not looking to see a novel.But, I do want to see that you read the article and understand its purpose.
  • A short vocabulary list (2 pts.): Science has a language all its own, there are words not used in every day conversation that are imperative in communicating.You do not need to rewrite Webster’s Dictionary here.Pull out several words that are from a biology vernacular (for example in an article about DNA you might run across a word like ‘helicase.’
  • List the Lab’s that have done (or will do) that apply to the article (2 pts.) What labs might be useful in understanding what has been researched or presented in the article.You may find that more than one lab applies however, each article must have at least one differing lab topic.(ie> do not find 4 articles that deal in principles of inheritance.)
  • Make a hypothesis about what you have read in the article (3 pts.).Something that could be explored further.Remember hypotheses are many times phrased as an If, then statement.(ex: If I increase the light intensity then the plant will photosynthesize more.)Give the article some thought and apply what you learned to think about what might be the next step or level in the research.

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