Children Literature

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The purpose of ALL assignments is to READ and APPLY information learned from the text. The children’s literature assignment is related to the information that is contained within the Cognitive Domain of Developmental Psychology.

You will be asked to identify a children’s story, from those supplied by the instructor, to use as a basis for APPLYING Piaget’s theory, Kolberg’s theory, and knowledge of language development.

You will be asked to select two stories and then identify features of the story which match Piaget’s theory for the specific age group of the story. For each story chosen, you will need to define the stage of cognitive development as described by Piaget, define the element of the theory to be identified and offer an example of that element from the story; explaining why the example from the story is an appropriate example of Piaget’s theory.

In addition, you will define the appropriate stage of Kolberg’s theory for the specific age group and then give an example from the story of that stage of moral REASONING.

The two age groups that this assignments covers are 2-6 and 7-11.

The STORIES to be used for this assignment can be found within the following file. Choose 2 stories, one appropriate for a 2-6 year old and 1 appropriate for a 7-11 year old

I had already finish the first page, i just need the second and third sets of questions.

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