Childcare class paper

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This is about kindergarten class. About teaching these kids and theme of classroom.

Write a 3 page essay that summarizes what you have learned during this course. You will be reflecting on both the process of learning the content of the course and product that you have created. Reflective practice is a cornerstone of best practices for early childhood teachers and caregivers. Being able to reflect back on what you have done and how you did it is a valuable tool for growth in your practices.

Use the following questions to guide your reflection:

  • What did you find challenging about creating the Blog?
  • What went well?
  • What do you see as the uses for your blog in the future?
  • How have applied your learning from this course to your life?
  • How has this learning influenced you as an early childhood practitioner?
These are the topic we had learned in the class.

– Working with Families

Appropriate Practices

Culture and Diversity

 – Assessment

Language and Literacy



 Social Studies

 Art /Music/ Movement

Your Career in Early Childhood Education

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