Childcare class 3 question

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Early childhood teaching class

1. As you are connecting this week with the meaning of early childhood teaching, take some time to observe a teacher. This can be done through an in person observation or through watching a video. For your journal this week, reflect on how you see developmentally appropriate practices and intentional teaching choices. How can you learn from observing others? Need 5 sentences with reference

2. Identifying personal strengths and using those strengths to be an effective early childhood professional is important. Reflect on your personal strengths and how you commit to healthy behaviors and practices in order to be an effective early childhood professional.Need 5 sentences with reference

3. As a practice, teachers often use something called KWL charts with children to engage them in the practice of reflecting. K stands for what you KNOW. W stands for what you want to know or wonderabout. And L stands for what you have learned. This week for your reflective journal, you will be making a KWL chart that you will revisit later in the quarter. Therefore, for this journal assignment, you will start with K. Make a list of what you know about decision making when working with children and families. Then make another list of what you want to know or wonder about. As stated above, we will revisit this journal entry closer to the end of the quarter so you can make connections regarding what you have learned..Need 5 sentences with reference

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