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Step 3

Make an appointment with a parent and child to practice using the ASQ-3 tool. The parent must be present. The child can be a family member or a child on your care (with permission of course), or any child that you know that is within the age range of 0-36 months old.

Step 4

Based on the the age of the child you selected, download the appropriate questionnaire (see below). Have the parent complete the questionnaire, with your assistance as needed. For confidentiality purposes, only use the child’s first name.

Step 5

Write a 1-page written reflection about this experience. Include:

  • Describe the child’s score and any identified area that need to be watched or areas of concern. (5 points)
  • What supports would benefit the child/parent? Provide at least 2 examples. (10 points)
  • How might you use the ASQ-3 tool in your work with infants/toddles? (5 points)
  • What did you learn about development from this experience? (5 points)

Step 6

Upload your completed ASQ-3 questionnaire (25 points) and your reflection (25 points) .

1 video 3. (Links to an external site.)

ASQ-3 Video 2 of 3 (Links to an external site.)

ASQ-3 Video 3 of 3 (Links to an external site.)

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