Chicanx History since 1848 assignment help

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Directions: write a 3 page essay on one of the topics below. Your paper should include a brief introduction, body of your essay, and brief conclusion. Be sure to include a clear statement of your thesis (main argument) and sufficient evidence (2-3 examples) to support your claim. Do not simply summarize your chosen topic. If you include quotes, be sure to place the author and page number in parenthesis after the quote.
Topic: Choose one document answer the following question: What does your document tell us about Chicana/o political mobilization OR identity during the Chicana/o Movement? You may consider the following subquestions: Do you believe your chosen document is more revolutionary or reformist in nature? How does your chosen document illustrate similarities and/or differences with Mexican American political mobilization or identity in the 1940s and 1950s? Tips for analyzing your document include: 1) placing the document in its historical context (i.e. what happened, when did it occur, who was involved, where did it happen, and why it happened); 2) relating the document to broader debates and questions about mobility, mobilization, and/or identity during the Chicana/o Movement; and 3) considering the point of view of who wrote the document (if known), what might have influenced their thinking, and whether other opinions might have existed at the time. At the beginning of your essay you should briefly note which document you are analyzing, but do not spend your entire essay summarizing the document. You will likely not be able to discuss everything about the document, so be sure to be clear in your first paragraph what issues you are focusing on and what your main argument is about the document( no outside sources allowed; no summaries needed;) If you want you can use Part 1,2 is a book named Paredes.

You may choose from the following documents: 1.) Machismo is Part of Our Culture 2.) Notes From a Chicana Co-ed 3.) Yo Soy Joaquin

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