Chapter 4 Assignment

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For this chapter, we are answering four specific questions from the review section of the text (but wrapped into three questions):

1 & 2: Define “waters of the United States” and “what types of waterways have been found to be navigable?”

7: Water is one of the essentials of human life, so it is understandable that many requirements exist concerning water quality. Are the requirements of the provisions of the CWA (Clean Waters Act) sufficient to ensure that water will serve the needs of humanity for years to come?

10: The SDWA (Safe Drinking Water Act) contains nonmandatory standards concerning the appearance and smell of municipal drinking water. Should these standards be made mandatory?

Please identify what question you are answering by num and your answer to each of these three questions should be one to two paragraphs. If you use NO sources OUTSIDE of the textbook, you do not need to cite your sources or include references. However, if you use materials outside the textbook, you shall cite and include in references.

This assignment is conceptually a take-home quiz and needs none of the normal APA formalities (cover, double-spacing, headers, etc.).


Here is the reference for the book: Schroeder, K. (2007) Environmental Law. Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.

Please avoid plagiarism, make it simple.

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