Change Management Case, Does your work address the above task in a thorough and detailed manner

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Drawing from the work of Fullan (see background information page), develop a strategic plan for carrying out any one of the following types of innovative change in a hypothetical school setting:

Your strategic plan is to incorporate the four phases of change as put forth by Fullan, as well as a case-in-point for the “8 lessons” Fullan points out.

Use additional recent research to support the plan.

Assignment Expectations

  1. Does your work address the above task in a thorough and detailed manner?
  2. Does your work demonstrate an in-depth analysis of the ideas put forth by Fullan in relation to change management?
  3. Does your work demonstrate a solid understanding of change strategies as put forth throughout the literature?
  4. Does your work demonstrate graduate-level writing and research skills?
  5. Mechanics
    1. Supporting references cited throughout essay with final reference list page.
    2. APA Formatted
    3. 2-3 pages in length

Examples of Innovative Change

Merit-based Pay System

Block Scheduling


Alternative Scheduling

Web 2.0 Integration

Year Round Schooling

Integration of Mobile Technologies

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