Overview or Project Management

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper in which you describe a project you have managed personally or professionally. Examples may include a trip you planned, a new product or service developed for your employer, a staff reorganization, and so on.

Develop a project overview that addresses the following questions.

  • What were the mission and objectives of the project?
  • What were the high-level tasks or scope of the project?
  • How was the need for the project identified?
  • What was the cost, and how was it funded?
  • What was the timeline?
  • Who were the parties involved in the project, and what were the roles of each party (team) member?
  • What steps did you establish to ensure the project was a success?
  • How did you measure the success of your project?
  • Overall, how did project management help to make this project a success?

Format your paper according to APA guidelines.

High Cost of Doing Nothing by Ken Blanchard Article Summary

Read the article, The High Cost of Doing Nothing by Ken Blanchard article and then please address the following questions related to the article. Your Case Study Paper should provide a cohesive narrative fully addressing the questions and recapping the relevant data and findings from the article. Please include the Case Study questions in your narrative (you can cut and paste them from below). You should include citations to the source article throughout your paper and in a References page on the last page of your paper. In-text citations should be in the format (The Ken Blanchard Companies, 2009) or (The Ken Blanchard Companies, 2009, p. X) when you have a quote in your sentence. You do not need to identify and include any additional references beyond the source article for this Case Study paper.

Please use APA format for this case study as outlined in the APA Format Template provided. Also remember that you should aim for a 1,000 word minimum for Case Study assignments, as these are comprehensive assignments than the Leadership Reflection Questions (750 word minimum).

  1. Summarize the quantitative data presented in the article by recapping in a cohesive narrative the many numbers and statistics on the impact of both poor and sound leadership on the various elements of a business. There are over 20 data elements provided and you should cover at least half of them, preferably more.
  2. Provide your analysis of these statistical data and your summary of the implications of leadership on an organization, covering the impacts of both poor leadership and sound leadership. Be sure that you cover the impacts of leadership on productivity, customer satisfaction, and employee retention, as these are major elements of the article.
  3. Identify and discuss the key success factors and successful leadership practices presented in the article, such as strategic and operational leadership , providing employees with the necessary tools and resources, and eliminating barriers.
  4. Discuss the consequences and outcomes of improved leadership (through leadership training) for employees, customers and the financial results of the organization.

company that has recently merged with an overseas company, business and finance homework help

Imagine you work for a company that has recently merged with an overseas
company. Write a brief introduction to your company as well as the company that
was purchased. Then develop an eight to ten (8-10) point checklist detailing
what steps you would take as the HR manager to help unify the culture of both

Create two (2) company introductions and develop an eight to ten (8-10) point
checklist in which you:

  1. Give a succinct overview of your fictitious company.
  2. Give a succinct overview of the fictitious company merged with.
  3. Develop an eight to ten (8-10) point checklist of steps you would take to
    unify company culture.
  4. Explain your rationale for choosing each of the steps in your
  5. Format your assignment according to the following formatting

a. Typed, double spaced,
using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides.
b. Include a cover page
containing the title of the assignment, your name, your professor’s name, the
course title, and the date. 

The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment

  • Determine the nature of globalization, cultures, and labor markets, and
    assess the impact on human Capital management (HRM).
  • Use technology and information resources to research issues in global
  • Write clearly and concisely about global HRM using proper writing mechanics

Thanks for reading and help.

Moraine Valley Community College Investment Decisions Discussion

Consider you are a cash manager of a multinational corporation (MNC) based in the United States. One of your responsibilities is to gain the highest yield for your treasury cash. Visit the Markets: United States Rates & Bonds (Links to an external site.) web page and click on a country to review its interest rates. Select a country to invest in for one year. Describe why you chose that country and your expected yield for the next year.

Your initial response should be a minimum of 200 words.

Module 05 Skills Assignment – Calculation and Advanced Features Practice

Note: you might not do all of these in one file in the real world.

  1. Open the Project Data file linked below. Press the Enable Editing button, if necessary.

    Module 05 Project Data ( attach below )

Complete the following instructions (save often):

  • Formulas and Charts: follow the instructions on the sheet
  • Functions: Find the house payment using the PMT function.
  • Goal Seek: Using Goal Seek, how many months will it take to save 5,500?
  • Sort: Sort the data on Topic and within Topic, sort on Sub Topic.
  • Filter: Filter the data on Social Statistics.
  • Pivot Tables: Create a Pivot Table for Artist, Location, and Value. Let Excel decide where these fields will go.

Project Nordstrom’s expansion into China

Project the incremental, annual, and cumulative cash benefits and outflows associated with the proposed expansion for Nordstrom into China for the next seven to 10 years using a spreadsheet or other relevant presentation vehicle to support your narrative. Be sure to justify your assumptions and methodology based on sound microeconomic and financial principles. For example, what assumptions have you made about demand, price, volume, capital purchase costs, incremental hiring, and so on? 2. Develop a consolidated financial projection of revenue, pretax income, and cash flow for the overall business, over that same number of years, both with and without the proposed investment. Use a spreadsheet or other relevant presentation vehicle to support your narrative, being sure to describe any relevant assumptions.

V. Financing: In this section, compare the proposed loan to alternative financing methods. Specifically:

A. Weigh the pros and cons of raising money using internal financing mechanisms versus seeking funding through global capital markets via loans, commercial paper, bonds, or equity financing. Which might be viable alternatives should the loan not be approved? Support your answer with appropriate research and evidence. B. Assess the viability of a business combination as a mechanism for expanding into the new market. Is this a reasonable option for the company? Why or why not? Support your answer with appropriate research and evidence.

VI. Track Record: Use this section to persuade the lender that you are credit-worthy. You must: A. Convincingly argue that your organization is on solid financial footing, and thus at a low risk for default, supporting your argument with appropriate financial statements, ratios, and other indicators of financial performance and health. B. Convincingly argue for your organization’s trustworthiness, providing credible evidence of legal and ethical financial behavior. For example, this might include recent audit results; credit history; absence of significant lawsuits, recalls, or regulatory judgments; or other evidence designed to show that the company holds itself to the highest legal and ethical standards.

Colorado Technical University Chi Square and Hypothesis Testing Paper

Based upon the input from Units 1 and 2, you have just received your next assignment that will contribute to your next decision. For the outdoor sporting goods client, based upon your prior decision on whether or not to either expand to the next market or retain your current position, justify your decision further utilizing the Chi-Square Distribution tool. One key criterion point: You do not have adequate data to formulate a full Chi-Square for the outdoor sporting goods client. However, you do have sufficient data to initiate this process. You are charged to demonstrate the initial steps of a nonparametric test that are qualitative. Utilizing the null and alternative hypothesis, further present your justifications for your selection and what it means beyond the mere formulas. What is this going to tell the Board of Directors and contribute to the decision-making process?

The following information may be helpful in understanding Chi-Square and hypothesis testing:

Chi-Square and Hypothesis Testing

Please review this helpful video. The presenter uses the “flip of the coin” and the “role of the die.” These are examples and analogies used in the CTU resources.

The following are assumptions you might make in this assignment that might make the assignment more helpful and make the responses more uniform:

  • Continue to utilize the Big D scenario. Work under the assumption that the sample is based upon two different proposed product lines.
  • Additionally, work under the assumption that the same demographics are utilized for each product.


Bozeman Science. (2011, November 13). Chi-squared test [Video file]. Retrieved from

Stock Valuation and Analysis, business and finance assignment help

Purpose of Assignment

The purpose of this assignment is to allow students the opportunity to research a Fortune 500 company stock using the popular online research tool Yahoo Finance. The tool allows the student to review analyst reports and other key financial information necessary to evaluate the stock value and make an educated decision on whether to invest.

Assignment Steps

Resources: Yahoo Finance

Select a Fortune 500 Company from one of the following industries:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Energy
  • Retail
  • Automotive
  • Computer Hardware
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining

Access Yahoo Finance and enter the company name.

Review the financial information and statistics provided for the stock you selected and answer the following:

  • What is the ticker symbol of the company you chose?
  • What is the Current Stock Price?
  • What is the Market Cap for the stock you chose?
  • What is the Price to Earnings Ratio?
  • What is the Dividend and Yield?
  • What is the Enterprise Value?
  • What is the Beta?
  • Was there a Stock Split, and if so, when?
  • What was the closing stock price for the last 5 days?
  • What was the 52 Week High for this stock?
  • What is the Book Value per Share?
  • What type of rating are analysts recommending (i.e. buy, hold, etc.)?
  • What is the target price analysts are predicting for this stock?
  • What is the analyst’s average revenue estimate for next year?
  • What are some of the significant news items and press releases made by the company over the last year?

Explain in 700 words why you would or would not recommend investing in this stock.

  • Describe the relationship between the value of the stock and the price to earnings ratio.
  • What information does the Market Capitalization (Market Cap) and Beta provide to the investor?

Must cite your soruce

Proposal for Organizational Learning Issues

 Using the information from Assignment 1 and the supporting documents (SEE ATTACHMENT BELOW), you must create a proposal for your CEO explaining the issue and implementation recommendations in transitioning the individual learning to organizational learning. Refer to the Project Proposal template, located in Week 8 of the online course shell for additional information on the content of each section of the proposal.

Write a five to seven (5-7) page proposal in which you:
Section 1: Project Summary

  1. Summarize your findings along with the implementation recommendations.

Section 2: Project Background

  1. Determine the issue that has disconnected the culture and organizational learning based on the three (3) selected mystifications from Assignment 1.
  2. Critique the current OLM(s)’ hindrance to organizational learning and provide your recommendation(s) for the organization to address the issue.

Section 3: Project Goals and Methodology

  1. Defend the one (1) OLM that is suitable (i.e., the OLM identified in Assignment 1) for the organization’s training and / or learning circumstances then suggest three (3) pros and three (3) cons of implementing the selected OLM. Next, diagnose the possible source that has prevented productive learning within the organization then support your recommendation(s) for a permanent change.
  2. Suggest two (2) talent management strategies designed to prepare the organization for its readiness to share knowledge and maintain a learning environment.

Section 4: Project Risk Management

  1. Elaborate on two (2) high resistance risks to this transition. Outline a plan for managing each resistance risk.
  2. Generate a high quality After-Action Review (AAR) to monitor the effectiveness of the transition from individual to organization learning.
  3. Specify one (1) training technique for the organization to introduce this new way of learning to the workforce. Next, examine whether or not the current organizational structure and processes can support transition from individual learning to organizational learning.
  4. Use at least five (5) quality academic references in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia does not qualify as an academic resource.
  5. Use the Project Proposal template located HRM562_Week8_Project_Proposal_Template.docx .

References of prior assignments to ADEQUATELY COMPLETE THIS ASSIGNMENT:

Assignment 1 Reference.docx 

Supporting Document 1 Reference.docx 

Supporting Document 2 Reference.docx 

CTO (Chief Technology Officer), assignment help

  1. Read the following scenario and answer the
    corresponding questions upon your completion. Your response should be at least
    two pages in length in standard essay form following APA style guidelines.

CTO Scenario:

You are working on a project to install 200 new computers
for your department. Your sponsor is the CTO (Chief Technology Officer).
Although the CTO is your key stakeholder, you know that many other individuals
will affect the success or failure of your project. This is the first time you
have worked with this CTO, and you have heard that he often changes his mind
about the requirements and due date. In fact, you heard that a PM who failed to
meet the project deadline was fired by the CTO.

On your way to the weekly status meeting with the CTO, you
run into a colleague who tells you that the best way to handle the CTO is to
avoid confronting him. If the CTO tells you to do 10 push-ups, you do 10
push-ups. If he asks for coffee, do not forget the cream and sugar. In other
words, the “Yes-Man” approach works best. You may not like what you hear from
the CTO, but at least you will keep your job. In fact, your colleague tells you
that the CTO often promotes people who agree with him. Of course, you know what
happens to those who fail to follow his recommendations.

Provide your response to the following questions:

  1. Who are your stakeholders?

  2. How do you plan to communicate with your

  3. You schedule a meeting with managers from the
    impacted departments, and only seven of the 13 you invited show up to discuss
    the project. What does this tell you about the potential success of the

  4. Because
    of your failure to coordinate with a vendor, the equipment will arrive 42 days
    late. How will you notify the sponsor of your serious error?

  5. Your CTO informs you that the deliverable date
    is now two months earlier. You know what happened to the last PM. How do you
    handle that new requirement?

  1. Read the following scenario and answer the
    corresponding questions upon your completion. Your response should be at least
    one page in length in standard essay form following APA style guidelines.

Deerborn Electronics Scenario:

You work for Deerborn Electronics, a multinational firm
providing parts for mobile devices. As the project manager for the tablet
division, you have been kept extremely busy. In fact, you are putting in 60
hours per week, and it is taking a toll on you and your family. You have
thought about quitting, but the $140K annual salary is far too good.

You have been here at Deerborn only 14 months, and you have
determined an anti-project culture. You recently confided in a team member the
following: “No one is accountable around here.” In fact, you think most people
here are flat lazy.

As the project manager, how do you change the culture? How
do you ensure that your project is completed? What type of leadership style
might work in this organizational setting? How will you measure success? Why?

Information about accessing the Blackboard Grading Rubric
for this assignment is provided below.