Categories of Hazards and Contaminants; Exposure Calculations

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1. Define and give an example of each of the following categories of occupational hazards. Identify a typical occupational environment where exposure to that example contaminant may be found..

a. inhalation toxicant
b. nephrotoxicant
c. neurotoxicant
d. carcinogen
e. hepatotoxicant
f. reproductive toxin
g. hematotoxicant
h. immunotoxicant

2. Calculate whether the following scenarios exceed any of the OSHA exposure limits. Determine the 8-hour TWA and identify the exposure limit in your answer.

a. 4 hours of 0.2 fibers/cc asbestos exposure and 4 hours of 0.05 f/cc asbestos exposure
b. 2 hours 250 ppm toluene exposure, 4 hours of 120 ppm toluene exposure, and 2 hours of 100 ppm toluene exposure
c. 8 hours of exposure to both 25 ppm methylene chloride and 50 ppm trichloroethylene
d. 8 hours of exposure to 40 ppm ethyl benzene, 40 ppm xylene, 40 ppm n-hexane, and 5 mg/m3 calcium sulfate
e. 1 hour of exposure to 50 ppm MEK, 5 hours of exposure to 220 ppm MEK, 2 hours of exposure to 100 ppm MEK
f. 8 hours exposure to both 2 ug/m3 cadmium and 35 ug/m3 lead

Post all references used in APA format.

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