Case Study Assignment #1: 2 pages with one resource.

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BUAD 327 :
International Business


Case Study Assignment #1:    DUE SEPTEMBER 11  OR EARLIER.

Please read completely and respond to the following
questions. See format guidelines in
your syllabus. Please NOTE that references
to outside, reliable sources (with citations
in MLA format) are necessary and will be richly rewarded


Answer the following questions in order:

Describe, in one paragraph, the three
different types of market orientations that MNC’s exhibit. (6 points)

Using outside research, discuss current examples of MNCs that show each of these
orientations in action (15 points).
(Note: discuss ONE example for EACH orientation)

Using specific examples from your outside
research, discuss THREE actual efforts
made by multinational corporations to be socially or environmentally responsible.
(9 points)

any THREE examples of MNC’s being
culturally responsive to their host countries.

(Hint: look at the “determinants of culture” in your slides to
guide your discussion).


Make sure that your written communication is grammatically
correct and professional
. Careless errors will not be looked upon kindly.


Total = 50 points

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