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Your patient is a 72 year-old male, Mr. Robert Scalera.

Medical findings: TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack) three months ago, hypertension, and elevated LDL levels, Parkinson’s disease.

Medications: 5 mg. Coumadin, 10 mg. , Lipitor, Lotensin 10mg., hydrochlorothiazide 25mg., K-Dur 20 3 tabs daily; Requip 1mg. 6times daily.

Dental findings: Advanced periodontitis requiring full mouth scaling followed by periodontal flap surgery on the maxillary arch.

The paper should be written as a presentation to other clinicians working on the case and should include the following information:

  • Generic and proprietary names for all drugs in the history
  • Pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, and pharmacodynamics of all drugs which includes an explanation of which class of drugs the agent belongs to, how it works within the body’s physiology, and how it is handled by body systems.
  • Therapeutic uses of the drugs, specifying which use applies to your patient.
  • Possible drug interactions of other medications being taken.
  • How the medications will affect planned dental treatment (i.e. appointment scheduling, anesthetics used, medications to be prescribed, possible alteration of dental treatment).
  • Any advice you might offer the patient given the medications they are taking that might improve oral health or oral hygiene.

Your term paper must between 4 and 6 pages and submitted in Word doc. format, double-spaced with 1″ margins on all sides using 11 pt. Calibri (Body) font. Be sure to include a “References section” listing all texts, articles, or internet sources used. Provide a clear explanation of the medications, as well as their effects on the proposed treatment and on the patient’s condition. It should be written in your own words to reflect your understanding of the topics discussed rather than a rewording of the information found online about the drugs

make sure:

* Includes all drug names, pharmakodynamics, and pharmacokinetics of each listed medication.

* Includes reason patient is using each medication and all possible interactions between agents.

* Includes all possible limitations to treatment the drugs may impose, if there are any.

* Includes comprehensive recommendations to the patient on maintaining oral health while using these medications

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