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You are a dining-room supervisor in an independently owned establishment known for its friendly service, relaxed ambiance, beautiful décor, and great food. Victor, the owner, has asked you to develop an incentive program to help introduce a new appetizer.

The operation is open for dinner seven days a week. During the week the operation typically serves 120 customers each night, and Friday through Sunday about 160 are served nightly. On average, approximately 20 percent of the customers order appetizers.

Victor wants to sell at least 150 orders of this new appetizer within the next month. To encourage this, he is offering it at a special introductory price and has created table tents announcing the item. The budget for the incentive program is $200.

For the next month, Victor wants every server to take three specific actions:

Use suggestive selling to sell the new appetizer to all customers.

Ask customers who try the new item how they like it.

Report any customer feedback during pre-shift meetings.

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