Case Scenarios: BUGusa, Inc.

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Please use the following Case Scenario to answer the Question:

WIRETIME, Inc. sent Steve one of its employees to get a job
with BUGusa, Inc. and spy for WIRETIME Inc. hired him to work in its research
and development department located in Any State, U.S.A. Walter, a security
guard for BUGusa, Inc., learns that Steve really works for WIRETIME, Inc.
Walter takes Steve to a small soundproof room where he keeps him for six hours.
 During this time, Walter continues to
ask Steve what he is doing at BUGusa, Inc. and what information he has provided
to WIRETIME, Inc. Walter tells Steve that he will hurt him if he dose not tell
him everything. Steve finally tells Walter what he wants to know. Walter then
lets Steve go Home..

Has Walter committed any torts? If so explain. Discuss any
liability BUGusa, Inc. may have for Walters Actions.

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