Capstone project: Archetypes in Literature and Jung Psychology Literature Review

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I need an APA paper with an MLA annotated bibliography. Please stick to Carl Jung’s Theories on Collective Unconsciousness and how it pertains to archetypes for psychology. Typical archetypes in literature is fine for the literature portion. I have attached what I have done so far with required headings: LIB 495 WA 2. Also attached are the documents given to me to complete this project.

Here are the main question for the capstone: “Why are archetypes important to psychology and literature?”

Sub questions:

How do archetypes bridge the gap between literature and psychology? (first heading)
Does the unconscious reflect an archetype and is this type relayed in myths and legends? (second heading)
What is the symbolism and meaning of the archetype? (third heading)
How do archetypes connect with so many people through the written word? (fourth)
How does psychology influence this connection? (fifth)

Resources I plan to use that need to be in the bibliography:

Jung, Carl G., (1985), Man and His Symbols.
Jung, Carl G., (2009), The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious.
Jung, Carl G., (2001), Memories, Dreams, and Thoughts.
Jung, Carl G., Psychological Types
Jung, Carl G., The Undiscovered Self
Schmidt, V. 45 Master Caharacters.

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