Capsim presentation ( jusy add some slides more)

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Each team will have 15 minutes, which should be comprised of an 8-10 minute presentation and 5 minutes of Q&A. Students who are not presenting should be prepared to ask questions. (That will count toward your participation grade, so it is important to ask at least one question.) Presentations should not be shorter than 8 minutes or longer than 10 minutes. All member of the team are required to be involved.

The presentation should cover:

  1. The company’s strategy
  2. The capabilities you developed and tactics you used to execute the strategy
  3. Your positioning relative to the competition
  4. Your performance (including both benchmarking and trend analysis). This should include a quantitative assessment of the underlying drivers of performance.
  5. The major adjustments you made to strategy that show your ability to deal with unexpected developments
  6. Your plans for the company moving forward and why you think you’re the right team to execute on that strategy.

Grades for the presentation will be based on the following rubric:

  1. Did you cover the topics clearly and convincingly
  2. Did you incorporate supporting evidence to validate your claims
  3. Did you work effectively as a team during the presentation
  4. Did you handle the Q&A effectively
  5. Was the style of your slides, your oral presentation, and your appearance professional in quality. (Please make sure to avoid text heavy slides and think about what will make the slides uncluttered and visually appealing.)

Please upload your presentations to Canvas. Include not only the presentation slides, but also any talking points and research in the notes area. Please make sure to dedicate time to practicing your presentation as a team.

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