Cantopia Sales Management Simulation experience

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the Cantopia Sales Management Simulation experience. require a three page paper that summarizes your personal experience with the simulation.

Please include your answers and analysis to the following questions:

Introduction (Team name, group members, brief description of your team’s final placement)

What did your group do well in Cantopia?

How could your group have done better?

Discuss the extent to which Cantopia was similar to – and different from – the real-world.

What did you like best about Cantopia?

What was the most frustrating?

To what extent do you believe luck plays a part in how well students finish?

Would you recommend the Cantopia simulation be used in future sales management classes? Why or Why not?

Remember to format your paper with a cover page (not included in the page count) and use headlines for each of the questions.

I will send the information to you.

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