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According to Freud, early development plays a major role in the formation of adult personality. For example, Freud’s theory maintains that a person’s adult character is the result of the manner in which he or she negotiated the various stages of psychosexual development, and that experiences during childhood affect the manner in which the id, ego, and superego come to function in relation to one another. Also implicit in Freud’s theory is the important role played by parents in shaping the child’s, and thus ultimately the adult’s development. (For example, it is the parents who most influence the ways in which the young child negotiates his/her early stages of psychosexual development.)

Think about your childhood and your current personality, and discuss the influence of your early experiences on the development of your current personality in terms of Freud’s psychoanalytic theory. You may do this either by discussing your early experiences in general terms, such as by describing the way in which your parents raised you, or by relying upon a specific experience that stands out in your mind as particularly influential in shaping your development. Your discussion must include reference to either the psychosexual stages of development, or development of the id, ego, and superego as interrelated components of personality. Thus, you should not only express your ideas regarding your own development, but also demonstrate an understanding of Freud’s theory.

Your paper should be no longer than two (2) typewritten pages, double spaced, with a 12-point font size. I will be looking for your description of your current personality (in Freud’s terms) as well as your explanation of how your early experiences have led to this personality.

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