Can you write the Essay and reflection ?(6-7 pages)

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Directions to Candidates:

Write an essay on the Principles of Educational Leadership I. Draw upon your experiences in education, research,

theory, and describe your content knowledge of the assessment tasks listed here:

1-Describe your ability to collaborate with faculty and community members by collecting and analyzing

information pertinent to the improvement of the school’s educational environment. (ELCC 4.1, ISLLC 4A, CF 2)(one page)


Describe a your ability to mobilize community resources by promoting an understanding, appreciation, and

use of the diverse cultural, social, and intellectual resources within the school community. (ELCC 4.2, ISLLC 4B, CF 2)(one page)

3- Describe your ability to respond to community interests and needs by building and sustaining positive school

relationships with families and caregivers. (ELCC 4.3, ISLLC 4C, CF 2) (one page)

4-Describe your ability to act with integrity and fairness to ensure that schools are accountable for every

student’s academic and social success. (ELCC 5.1, ISLLC 5A, CF3) (one page)

5-Describe your ability to model principles of self awareness, reflective practice, transparency, and ethical

behavior as related to their roles within the school. (ELCC 5.2, ISLLC 5B, CF3) (one page)

6-Describe a your ability to safeguard the values of democracy, equity, and diversity. (ELCC 5.3, ISLLC 5C, CF3) (one page)

7-Describe your ability to influence local, district, state, and national decisions affecting student learning in a school environment. (ELCC 6.2, ISLLC 6B, CF2) (one page)

8- Describe your ability to anticipate and assess emerging trends and initiatives in order to adapt school-based leadership strategies.(ELLCC 6.3,ISLLC 6C,CF2)


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