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Select two counties outside the United States, one in Asia and one in Europe, that perform manufacturing for business.

Research your selected countries and document it’s cultural and ethnic composition as well as the populations’ ethnic makeup, include percentages (for example: Malaysia Ethnic groups: Malaysian 50.2%, Chinese 24.5%, Indigenous 11.0%, Indian 7.2%, Non-Malaysian citizens 5.9 %, Others 1.2%).

Describe the cultural dimensions for your selected countries using Hofstede Institute’s Insights located at

Highlight the cultural and business etiquette differences of your selected countries

Describe the ethical challenges your corporate team may face with attempting to do business in these countries.

Define how your corporate team should prepare for negiotiations with businesses in the countries you have selected

Determine the a single negotiation tactic that would be most effective in reaching your objective with the cultures in your selected countries.

Point out one negotiation tactic should not be used with business in the cultures you have chosen.

Address how the other cultures might react to negotiation concerning price.

Clarify how your corporate team would prepare for negotiations prior to travel to the countries you have chosen.

Provide commentary about your slides in the notes area of the slide, integrating citations from your references in your commentary.

Provide your references in the last slide.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment

Instructor Hints for Success: The CIA World Book provides a great resource about the countries you have chosen. For addressing cultural differences, refer to: . For negotiation techniques and strategies refer to page 312-316 and 408-415 of our primary text. Provide at least three (3) references to include our primary text for this assignment. Use citations to support your academic analysis.

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