Call Center Vendor Proposal Requirements

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Call Center Vendor Proposal Requirements




Provide a description of your organization, including name of firm, contact information and website address.


 How many full time employees work for the company?


Please provide a brief description of the company history, including year

founded and any key events that have taken place since launch


 Brief description of the Vendor’s core competencies and how the company

differentiates itself in the market place


 Describe your Management Team


What industry and clients does the Vendor typically serve?


List any legal actions involving the Company that could have a significant adverse impact.


Please describe company locations and their primary function and role in administering services described in this RFP.



Financial Information


Please present appropriate financial ratios to inform us of your financial strength and capabilities.




Please list three (3) other major companies with whom the Vendor is currently


doing business



Call Center Management and Operations


What are some call center(s) for which the Vendor currently provides services?


 Nature/Type of Calls

 Average calls per day

 Average speed of answer

 Maximum number of concurrent agents

 Client uses shared or dedicated agents or a combination of both

 Number of seats

 Current mix of full and part-time staffing

-Hours of operation and availability


Please describe how your center will prepare to incorporate call volume for this

business (e.g., hire and train agents, etc.)


Telecom Capabilities and Call Center Technical Skills


Please describe your center’s technology infrastructure


Hiring and Training


Briefly describe your agent hiring and recruiting policies, practices, and procedures.


What is your turnover rate?


Is the workforce unionized?


What multi-lingual capabilities do you have (identify languages)?


Quality Assurance/Call Monitoring


Please describe your “quality assurance” practices and internal evaluation process for agents


Our company will require Vendor to participate in a weekly quality calibration session where we and the Vendor will jointly review calls. Please describe capabilities to conduct joint call monitoring sessions.


Provide the Vendor’s disaster recovery plan for major and minor service interruptions and catastrophes, including details of redundant site(s), data backup procedures, personnel contingency plan, timeframe for recovery, etc.


Can your technology systems provide the following information?


 XX% of calls answered in XX seconds or less


 Abandonment rate of X% or less monthly


 Average hold time of XX seconds or less monthly


 Average call handling time of X minutes or less monthly


 Customer satisfaction XX% or higher monthly




Our company expects to sign a two-year contract with the selected Vendor. Please provide fully disclosed pricing for each year of this contract.  Show all assumptions/calculations that went into your pricing proposal

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