final essay question 2

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Pick a specific place you are familiar with, either through GEO 101 class materials

or your personal experience. You can pick your home town, a city or town that you have visited before, or any other place that you would like to describe in this essay. What are FOUR of the most important concepts you learned in the class that best help you better understand this place or region? Why is this place and these concepts important to you? How do these concepts help you

understand the place? How are the global processes connected to this local place?

Key concepts

Among the key concepts geographers use to understand global patterns of human

activity and the processes that operate among people and places are:




maps & mapping

diffusion, population distribution & dynamics






push/pull factors


Human Development Index

core-periphery relations



post industrialization


urban structure


primary, secondary, and tertiary economic activities

I wanna pick Los Angles, That’s the city I’ve visited. Los Angeles is where I want to live most

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