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The purpose of the individual reflection and development plan is to gain a deeper understanding of

current yourself and develop a plan regarding how you will use this knowledge and insight to grow as an

individual personally and professionally. To accomplish this, each student will be required to create an

Individual Development Plan, which will be composed of your responses and reflections on a number of self-

assessments, exercises, and readings that are assigned throughout the semester including the STANDOUT 2.0

assessment completed at the beginning of the semester. (find all exercises and assessments in the attachments)

In developing the plan, you will need to identify a super ordinate or overarching goal that you may have for

yourself and use this goal to help guide you in developing your plan. (working at a bank right now as a personal banker (makeup a bank name) and would like to eventually transfer to their Human Resource department after graduation)

Consider which of the assessments and exercises provide insights that will help you get closer to reaching that overarching goal and how you will react on your reflections to these assessments and exercises. (all attached assesments needs to be i the paper)

Example: “My overarching goal that is driving my individual development plan is as follows: To have a

positive and lasting impact on others through mentoring and leadership.”

Example: “My overarching goal that is driving my individual development plan is as follows: To successfully

run and manage a small startup company.”

Example: “My overarching goal that is driving my individual development plan is as follows: To obtain a

leadership role as a CMO in the X industry.”

Example: “My overarching goal that is driving my individual development plan is as follows: To obtain

interesting, challenging work and progress into a senior management position that provides me with financial

security and the opportunity to effectively lead others.

Each of these overarching goals requires self-reflection and are relevant to one’s personal and professional

growth. Thus, most of the assessments this semester will be relevant. The key is to find the ones that are likely to

be the most impactful in regard to your overarching goal.

Be specific. Don’t

just say “I will need to be emotionally intelligent in my career.” Say instead” After I start my own

consulting practice, taking advantage of my equalizer strength (standard 2.0) I will need to use the empathy skills

that I have, per several respondents in the Best Reflected Self exercise. Since Advisor has already been identified as another of my 2.0 strengths I think that I have set an “Attainable” goal (Latham SMART goals) for my career in the long-run.”


Paper should be 10 page long double-spaced typed pages (Times New Roman, 12pt. font, 1” margins).

Be succinct and focused when reflecting and identifying future actions. Page

limit does not include a title page, if any, or an Appendix, which may be composed of graphs, tables, diagrams,

pictures, and scales. These are not substitutes for text and must be referenced in the body of the paper if used.

Look at the attached file for a sample. FOLLOW THE SAMPLE PAPER. Please try to write the paper similar to the sample. (no table of content) The paper talks about lengthy personal goals, you can keep personal short but talk more about professional goals (I’m studying management and would like to work for HR as stated above) Look at the attached file titled info to find the assessment that you will need to include in the paper. All the assessments mentioned in the attachment needs to be included in the paper. There are two PPT attached as well that talk about two different books, information about those book needs to be incorporated nicely in the paper as well.

Again, read the sample throughly and follow that please.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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