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This is an unusual assignment. You will listen to a 7-1/2 minute podcast from the radio show “This American Life.” It is about the American Revolutionary War General, the Marquis de Lafayette. He was only 19 years old when he came with the French troops in 1777 and helped George Washington and the patriots win the revolution against the British. The Americans would never have won without the help of the French.

To do this paper, you need:

Type up answers to the following questions (Warning – if you cut-and-paste from the internet or from the text you will receive a 0).

WATCH FIRST: Here is backup information in a 5-minute video about the life of Lafayette:Marquis de Lafayette – America’s favourite Frenchman

Listen to this Podcast: https://www.thisamericanlife.org/291/reunited-and-it-feels-so-good/act-three-4

DIRECTIONS: Using the podcast, video and information from the two modules, answer the following. Give yourself credit for details and explanations you get from your sources. (podcast)(Lafayette video)(Revolution KanopyVideo@ 21 min)(Story#2-Jackson Election) Like so.


Explain with two paragraphs why the young General Lafayette was so important to George Washington and to the American Revolution.(What kind of shape were Washington and the patriots in when Lafayette arrived? And what did Lafayette do to help the patriots win?) Use details and examples from the video about him above AND information from your American Revolution module (10/13)


Explain with one large paragraph what ideas and politics were popular in 1824, using your information from the Jacksonian Democracy module (10/27)


Explain with one large paragraph what kind of reception Lafayette received in 1824? (provide details and examples) WHY was he so popular when he returned that year for the 50th anniversary of the Revolution?


How did the author of the podcast (and of a book about Lafayette & the U.S.) choose to end her story about Lafayette and his relationship with the U.S. military?


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