two part discussion post

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I need a 2-3 paragraph discussion post on the following topic:

You and a friend, Elliott, are enjoying your conversation at a local coffee shop when you both take a bathroom break. You arrive at the two bathroom doors and see each door labeled with the sign below.

All-Gender Restroom.

Upon returning to the table, Elliott remarks, “What’s up with those bathrooms? Women should use the women’s room and men should use the men’s room.” You decide to take this opportunity to share what you have learned about sex and gender.

Compose your initial post as if you were responding to your friend, Elliott. In your initial post, be sure to do the following:

  • Distinguish sex and gender.
  • Describe at least two different ways that gender identity is expressed; include at least one way that gender identity is expressed in your culture and at least one way gender identity is expressed in another culture.
  • Apply the principles of cultural relativism.

Then, I will need to peer replies that cover the following:

Peer Response Guidelines: Respond to the initial posts of at least two of your peers, one assigned to Scenario A and one assigned to Scenario B. In your responses, assess how well your peers applied the principles of cultural relativism. Point out at least one specific example of how each peer did or did not apply the principles of cultural relativism.

Please be sure to address the peer responses as if you were speaking to the person that created the initial post. You will need to cite the at least 2 of the required resources in the main post and use at least on resource to explain the why the peer did or did not apply the principles learned:

Required Resources

Video: Sex and Gender Identity: An Intro (cc) (2:22)
This brief video explains several terms that differentiate sex and gender as well as different gender identities.

Sex and Gender Identity Transcript

Video: Anthropology Late at Night: Forms of Marriage (cc) (8:16)
This animated video takes the form of a late-night television show in which the host interviews members of different forms of marriage.

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