english 124 10

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This is a reflection essay and it should be 6-7 pages,double-spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font

1. The introduction will be about the class the 16 weeks and what I learned from it and how it is affecting my life in a good way and the first draft in the class 09/11.

2. I need to write about the Thoms Jefferson and the presentation that we did and how we work hard on it and what we learned from it.

3. Martin Luther King packet and how he has an effect on the people.

4. The activity that we did in the class and listen to a different story from the student and that makes me understand the other people thinking, and how they faced problems because they are from different countries like me.

5. The documentary that I watched like The Sixties: The Years That Shaped a Generation, The Chicano Park. and how it is related to my life (I’m from Iraq).

6. The places that we visited, the old globe for Romeo and Juliet, and for Christmas.( it was the first time for me )

7. Conclusion

What I want you to do is prepare a thoughtful “reflection” of the last sixteen weeks. Incorporate what you’ve learned about and from the different writing styles and persuasive techniques, subjects, authors, films, handouts, etc. that we’ve studied as well as how your writing has improved and any of the other “lessons” (i.e. political strategy, freedom, equality, tolerance, civil involvement, civil protest, religious and secular faith, hope and healing, etc.) you’ve learned through our class. You can also include in your piece any extra credit events you may have attended if they are germane to your overall learning experience this semester. You can also include what you learned from the Fall Reading Series and any other extra credit events you attended (The Old Globe, plays at the Stage House Theatre, Balboa Park museums, Museum of Tolerance, etc.). Your final piece must reflect thoughtful critical thinking – do not provide a quick “cookie-cutter” piece of work Be thorough.

A successful piece will…

♦ Have a clear objective that directly addresses the assignment.

♦ Effectively introduce the focus of your piece while providing a sense of the appropriate context of the piece.

♦ Provide a smooth and efficient flow of information, making logical transitions from one idea to the next.

♦ Demonstrate stylistically mature writing that is free from repetitively simplistic sentences, inappropriate word choice/language use, ineffective repetition of words, and abrupt transitions.

♦ Follow the conventions of grammar, spelling, and punctuation and be reasonably free of mechanical errors.

♦ Use MLA documentation properly, including formatting, sourcing and citation.


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